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REI Insurance Policies and IVF Risk Management

Specialty Insurance and Risk Management for Fertility Care

Reproductive endocrinologists carry more severity risk than many other medical specialists, yet many are unaware that their existing malpractice policies and risk management efforts fall woefully short.

In addition to needing traditional fertility practice insurance, many REIs own and operate IVF laboratories and cryostorage facilities, where the safety of their patients’ reproductive materials is paramount. Some also operate specialty surgery centers, egg banks, or other related fertility businesses, adding additional layers of risk.

REI Protect, through REI Insurance Services, is the only company that provides access to specialized insurance for all businesses associated with IVF and fertility care. But our support doesn’t end when the REI insurance policy is issued. We also provide critical, specialized risk management services to help you enhance safety, prevent lawsuits, and improve patient satisfaction every day.

In the REI World, OB/GYN Practice Insurance Is Not Enough

For years, fertility specialists have relied on OB/GYN malpractice insurance policies that don’t cover the unique risks associated with the modern REI practice and IVF lab providing IVF and other advanced fertility treatments. Created by REIs to exclusively serve REIs, we have the specialized expertise and fertility practice insurance options to ensure that your insurance coverage fits your practice.

We fill all coverage gaps with custom-tailored REI Protect Endorsements to cover your additional risks, from the IVF lab to the surgery suite. But managing risk requires daily diligence, not just a well-designed REI insurance policy. That’s why we combine our hands-on knowledge of fertility care with the legal and risk management expertise you need to establish effective policies and procedures that will minimize your operating risks, every day.